Recipe “Tomatoes in pepper”:

contain all the constituent parts (amino acids) needed to build these proteins; others are significantly different from them and therefore are less valuable. While boiling the soup, you have to prepare the stuffing and carve cutlets, roll them in breadcrumbs, add to roasting on a Board or plate and cover with a towel. Before filling salad vegetables throws in a sieve or colander to otsuki. The beets are boiled or roasted in the oven, cleaned and cut into slices. The exception is salt, which food contains insufficient and needs to be added to foods.

Fillet of hazel grouse cut into thin wide slices and arrange on lettuce as a pyramid, in the middle of which is placed a beautiful branch of celery or salad leaves. In addition to brushes and dedicated utensils (bucket, basin) for washing dishes it is necessary to use soap, soda, and various detergents commercially available for these purposes. The body's need for fat is not yet clearly established. Institute of nutrition Academy of medical Sciences , using specially developed for this purpose method, studied the calorie expenditure of people of different professions and different ages of children; the adult population of the USSR on the caloric expenditure and qualitative composition of the daily diet can be divided into 4 groups. Extremely rich in vitamin C rosehips, of which usually and vitamin concentrates are prepared and drugs.

300 g of lettuce – 1 cucumber, 1 egg, 1/2 Cup of the sauce from sour cream and vinegar. Asparagus is cooled and stored in broth. Chilled vegetables cut into slices or small cubes (1/2 cm). Green onions, cleaned and washed in cold water, cut vegetables into pieces of 3-4 cm For a side dish with herring and beetroot onions are cut more finely. Some of them are close in their structure and chemical composition to proteins in the human body, i.e. Leave the dishes unwashed, especially until the next day, absolutely unacceptable, as the remnants of food in the dishes decompose, emit an unpleasant odor, and in summer attract flies. The food industry provides a sufficiently diverse range of such products. The food should give the child's body everything you need for events of enhanced growth and development, therefore, together with the age of the child should always be increasing the amount of food. Therefore, continuous supply of protein is essential for tissue growth and repair, as well as for the formation of new cells.The value of their proteins that are included in foods that are not the same. On an oval slice of bread and put a piece of salmon, one end of it to bend, garnish with butter, caviar, parsley leaves and slices of cucumber.