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contain all the constituent parts (amino acids) needed to build these proteins; others are significantly different from them and therefore are less valuable. While boiling the soup, you have to prepare the stuffing and carve cutlets, roll them in breadcrumbs, add to roasting on a Board or plate and cover with a towel. Before filling salad vegetables throws in a sieve or colander to otsuki. The beets are boiled or roasted in the oven, cleaned and cut into slices. The exception is salt, which food contains insufficient and needs to be added to foods. In special metal boxes can be cooled with water, jelly, fruit juices. In addition, in the closet, you can make ice. This salad is served with all fried and boiled meat dishes, fried and boiled fish, as a garnish for cold meat and fish dishes, as well as a separate dish. The need for minerals is covered completely, if the food consists of a variety of products of animal and vegetable origin. After a few minutes the cabbage will take a bright color. Some of the meals that are well-maintained, it is recommended to cook so as to use them for dinner or Breakfast. CODFISH SALAD WITH HORSERADISH Welded cold cod, cut into slices. Served salad to hot and cold roasted meat, veal, lamb, pork and fish, and also as a separate dish.

From animal products some amount of carbohydrates found in milk (milk sugar). For example, the cutlets, prepared from mix, can be served a side dish of canned corn, beans, green peas. Branches of parsley go for decorating salads and the stalks are used in cooking broth. Green salad. The cabbage can add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. P. PAVLOV. Now it's time to take care of the roots, onions and cabbage to soup – to clean them, wash and chop the vegetables and fry onion. Then the cabbage folded in a saucepan, pour boiling water, cover, let stand for 20-30 minutes, drain in a sieve or colander; then pour cold water, wring out, put in a salad bowl, pour the vinegar, add salt, put the sugar, stir and let stand for 20-30 minutes. The wrong ratio in the finished soup amount of broth and vegetables will lead to the fact that the soup would be either too thin or too thick. The use of semi-finished and finished food products gives huge savings in time, saves owner from the most unpleasant and time-consuming part of the work in the kitchen – cleaning fish, vegetables, meat preparation, etc., free kitchen from pollution and significantly reduces the time to wash dishes. 1 grouse (fried or boiled) – 2-3 pieces of boiled potato, cucumber, 100 grams of asparagus or cauliflower, 1 boiled carrot, 100 g of beans or pods of green peas, 1 tomato, 100 g of salad. Finally, an extensive range of perfectly prepared gourmet products – a variety of sausages, smoked meats, meat pies, sausages, sausages, variety of products is ready cooking fish, dairy products, ready-made dumplings – gives you the ability, if necessary, to prepare lunch or Breakfast and serve it to the table in 10-15 minutes. Can be recommended for second Breakfast sausages or wieners. The hostess should think that the menu is not consisted only of these dishes, the preparation of which requires the expenditure of considerable time, especially if they are intended for Breakfast, when the road literally every minute, in time to feed going to work. In the center of the table put a bowl of jam and sweets, about VAZ – covered napkins biscuit dishes with biscuits, near them plates of thinly sliced lemon, decanters with fruit and berry juices, brandy and cream or milk, sugar and sockets for jam. Take for example a three-course meal with appetizer (herring with garnish): first – meat soup, the second – chopped cutlets with fried potatoes, a third – jelly. Mineral water before serving, it is also necessary to uncork. The exception is salt, which food contains insufficient and needs to be added to foods.

Salad garnish with slices of cucumber, chopped green onions, grated horseradish and branches of parsley. To the left of the plate put the dessert fork and the right – dessert knife. Carrots, spinach, lettuce, sorrel, various greens, both cultivated and wild, and rose hips are rich with a substance – carotene, which in the human body (in the liver) is converted to vitamin A. The lack of this vitamin in the diet causes a General breakdown of the body. This salad, thanks to raw vegetables and fruits contain appreciable amounts of vitamins. Cruets condiments are best located closer to the center line of the table. Snack place in different places of the table. Cheese sandwiches. Top the salad garnish with tomatoes, sliced. SANDWICHES ON TOASTED BREAD For these sandwiches wheat or rye bread cut into slices thickness of about 1 cm and fry. You cannot swing on the chair, play table cloth and fringe: you can fall off the chair, pull a tablecloth with all appliances, and even overturning on yourself or other soup bowl or dish with hot broth. The kitchen in no event, shall not simultaneously serve as living quarters. Crabs also pour the mayonnaise sauce and garnish with salad leaves. Around the salad arrange the sliced carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, cucumbers and green onions. Approximately in the center of the table place a dish of hot, right and left of it is a dish with fish and other snacks.

In this case, half of the broth goes for cooking soup and the other half can be used the next day for cooking some kind of soup. 1 kg of weight of the child. Just prepare a simple onion. In cucumber greenhouses or polytunnels usually do not cut off the peel. 200 g cod fillet 50 g salad of celery, 1 Apple, 1 bunch radishes, 1 cucumber, 100 g of lettuce, 1/2 Cup of mayonnaise sauce, 1 tablespoon of vinegar. The best diet should be considered as four single meal. Of great importance for better digestion has the correct distribution on some techniques. With regard to the qualitative composition of food, it depends on the type of work, age and climatic conditions in which man lives. You can vary the taste of the salad by changing the set of vegetables. Water is one of the basic constituents of the body; in solutions and liquid medium are all complex life processes of the organism. Acad. The kitchen should be light and easily ventilated. The body has a so-called depot mineral substances, such as the skeletal system, where salt can flow into the blood. In cranberries, especially stale, the vitamin C content slightly. White bread cut into long strips with a width of 5 cm, a thickness of about 1/2 cm and smear with butter. On a slice of toasted bread oval put a piece of sardines without bones, cover with mayonnaise, to which you can add 1/2 tbsp grated boiled spinach or tomato paste.